What graduates are saying about Renegade.

Hear from Renegade graduates who have shared their success stories.

Virginia Suliman

EVP & CIO, Invitation Homes

“I am a C-Suite professional and I just blocked time each week to do something important for me. This experience was game-changing for my career.”

Tatiana Ferreira

Senior Vice President, Customer Service Excellence and East Region Integrated Retail at Neiman Marcus Group

“I expected everyone to be brilliant and bold, what I didn't expect was that everyone is so committed to building each other up. I really benefited from the domestication of the how-to’s: owning my personal brand within corporate walls, creating a keynote, developing my IP and writing a portfolio of go-to stories to build influence.”

Cherry Park

Senior Marketing Director at Qualcomm

“I found myself feeling much more confident in meetings and presentations and am incorporating more human elements to build a deeper connection with my team.”

Natasha Barncastle

Chief of Staff, Everly Health

“Becoming a Renegade helped me find my voice and realize I don’t need to ask permission to use it. I appreciate the tactical approach to the curriculum, simplifying things I had over-complicated in my brain and actually seeing the results.”

Kari King

Senior Vice President at Teads

“I wanted to immerse myself with women who are doing different things that I find extremely interesting–to deliberately put professional acceleration on my path rather than trying to stumble upon growth at some point in time. Renegade has lit up different areas of my brain and has made me dream bigger.”

Tara Leonard

Vice President Global Contract & Field Marketing at MillerKnoll

“The power of actually being vulnerable to create authentic connections across my team has been my biggest takeaway. I am using my voice in ways I haven’t in the past–incorporating Renegade language with my boss and CEO so they are clear on my ambitions and they know how to best support me.”

Christina Naylor

Chief Operations Officer at Carolina Trust Federal Credit Union

“I’ve been at the wrong table, in the wrong room and in the wrong building my whole life. It’s an energy situation and becoming a Renegade made me realize that most rooms I am in leave me empty. In every interaction I have had here, I get so much back in return. Renegade is truly an energy multiplier.”

Nia Weeks

Founder and Executive Director, Citizen SHE and Citizen SHE United

“It’s official—I landed a speaking agent! The time I took to organize my business during the Renegade Accelerator led to this moment”

Nisha Anand

CEO, Dream Corps

“Being a Renegade has given me the tools, tips, and the confidence to say this is who I am and watch me thrive. Knowing that you can reach out to someone who has achieved what you're looking to achieve already and get advice, council, or even just a listening ear, it is invaluable.”

Cathy Beans

Director, Global Brand, Creative and Experiential Change Management and Organizational Readiness, Dell Technologies

“Renegade, just by its nature, is a positive disrupter. There are so many leadership development programs that fall flat. This experience was interactive and got our team communicating in transformational ways. We now know each other on a personal level, which goes a long way moving a business forward.”

Lisa Stone

Managing Director, Venture Capital firm

“One of the best professional opportunities for growth I’ve ever had. This community is the real deal."

Liz Matthews

SVP of Global Brand, Dell Technologies

“One of the biggest wins I’ve had since becoming a Renegade has been finding a voice in places I usually don’t have one. This community has given me the strength and power to not only stand up for myself, but to stand up for my team in really significant ways.”

Noramay Cadena

Managing Partner, Supply Change Capital

"My two biggest takeaways were a mindset shift, and building relationships that will lead to funding for my Venture Capital Firm."

Nicole Rex

Vice President, Global Events & Sponsorships, Dell Technologies

"I am being vulnerable in saying I don't think I have the hands for this. Heightened vulnerability has really helped me show up and be a better leader.”

Meredith Provost

Board Certified Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility Physician, Indiana Fertility Institute

"It opened up medical advisory roles for me and the ability to serve on the board of different companies."

Paige Williams

CEO and Founder, AudPop

“You told me you would 10x my thinking. And you delivered. In fact, being a Renegade 10xed my whole life.”

Frances Mendez

Co-Founder & Managing Director, Camino5

"I became a Renegade because I needed to step up as a leader. When you are looking for rapid growth, finding a community that elevates you and has your back is critical. Renegade is that lifeline for me. I have stepped into the spotlight in ways I never would have before."

Krista Franks

Intentional Lifestyle Designer & Co-Founder, Owl & Key

“Renegade is the best investment I’ve made this year. I have seen the most return in revenue, connections, strategy, and big thinking because of the Renegade women.”

Lauren Bongiorno

CEO and Founder, Risely Health

“Becoming a Renegade was the absolute catapult for taking me into the direction of where my company is today.”

Cory Lewis

Experiential Marketing Manager, Dell Technologies

“I went from thinking ‘here we go, another leadership program’ to truthfully looking forward to this time. It has expanded the way I think and act—I find myself asking ‘why not now?’ going from idea to action faster. I honestly don’t want the program to end.”

Lauren A.K. Darnell

Exec. Dir. Made in New Orleans (MiNO) Foundation

“I feel invigorated every time I connect with other Renegade women. Being a Renegade has helped me to more fully express myself in my work. I feel supported, heard and seen.”

Kateryna Bilyk

Founder, ItList

"The Renegade program enabled me to move from my default career to my dream career as a founder. I've had several women from this community fund my business and we are ahead of schedule to launch."

Jessica Yellin

Founder, News Not Noise, former CNN White House Correspondant

“This group has been not just a business godsend but a personal salve, because so often there are too many decisions to make. This is the place I feel safe and can say, “I don’t know.” It’s a space I can be both vulnerable and a badass at the same time.”

Lisa Detanna

Senior Vice President, Investments at Raymond James

"Becoming a Renegade allowed me to work on my business, verses working in my business."

Chris Saylor

Director, Global Gaming Campaigns, Dell Technologies

“Specific recipe the Renegade program brings is one of risk taking, giving yourself permission to think big and challenge the status quo.”