Cathy Beans

Director, Global Brand, Creative and Experiential Change Management and Organizational Readiness, Dell Technologies

“Renegade, just by its nature, is a positive disrupter. There are so many leadership development programs that fall flat. This experience was interactive and got our team communicating in transformational ways. We now know each other on a personal level, which goes a long way moving a business forward.”

Nicole Rex

Vice President, Global Events & Sponsorships, Dell Technologies

"I am being vulnerable in saying I don't think I have the hands for this. Heightened vulnerability has really helped me show up and be a better leader.”

Cory Lewis

Experiential Marketing Manager, Dell Technologies

“I went from thinking ‘here we go, another leadership program’ to truthfully looking forward to this time. It has expanded the way I think and act—I find myself asking ‘why not now?’ going from idea to action faster. I honestly don’t want the program to end.”

Chris Saylor

Director, Global Gaming Campaigns, Dell Technologies

“Specific recipe the Renegade program brings is one of risk taking, giving yourself permission to think big and challenge the status quo.”