A human innovation company.

On a mission to disrupt how people approach ideas, problems and even solutions. We help people expand, to look at the upsides, to “bend rules” and design their days in a way that is in alignment with their operating and belief systems.

The rule benders.
The disrupters.
The go-getters.
We are Renegades.

In 2009, our founder was working in sports entertainment in the NBA for the Phoenix Suns when she texted Shaquille O’Neal on the team airplane that she was going to start her own business. His response, “I’ll be your first client.”

This was after her boss told her she was a Renegade for bending the rules, asking too much forgiveness versus permission.

Since then, our team of Renegade leaders has been on a journey to help people invest in their personal and professional growth, develop their personal brand, unlock their worth and be heard.

We get people off the sidelines of their lives and into the game playing full-out offense.

our team

We're human innovation leaders who genuinely give a sh*t.

With decades of experience working in corporate, running companies and founding them too, all while making positive impact, our merry band of Renegades set out to shake up the corporate world. Now we're authentically supporting Renegade leaders with a commitment to challenge the status quo and have a human innovation focus.


Amy Jo Martin.

In 2009, my boss called me a Renegade. I was asking for too much forgiveness vs. permission. That was the cue I needed to take the big leap. I left my comfy, corporate job to start my first company. We hit some big strides and generated 7-figure revenue in year two by building and humanizing some of the world's most iconic brands online like Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Nike, Hilton Worldwide, Shaquille O'Neal, etc.

In the mean time, I built my own presence to a following of more than 1 million and wrote a New York Times best-selling book about my philosophy, processes and case studies. Along the way I learned from some of the most innovative Renegades out there, traveled the world to speak about all of these topics, and now I'm going to teach you everything I've learned.


Regan Walsh.

I once quit a job after just four days. What started as an irresistible opportunity at a digital advertising agency quickly turned into an underwhelming slog, and after decades of corporate experience, I was ready to embrace positive disruption. So I left, earning myself the nickname “One Week Walsh.” That’s where my journey to reclaiming my life—and helping others do the same—began.

Since then, I’ve supported thousands of people as they disrupt their own paths. As an NYU Certified Executive Coach, I’ve guided leaders from Nike to Wallstreet, and worked with change agents across Fortune 500 companies, including Nationwide, Freddie Mac, and more. A contributor to Forbes and Harvard Business Review, I released my debut memoir, Heart Boss, in spring of 2021. Each day, I delight in leading the people and programming at Renegade, guiding our team through growth and ushering in human innovation through both our corporate offerings and Renegade Accelerator.


Jami Crist

I consider myself a positive disrupter with a little wreckless optimism. Prior to joining Renegade, I spent over a decade in marketing at brands such as Under Armour and Super Coffee. When I looked around, as a young female growing up in a male-dominated industry, I found myself asking for forgiveness because I believed there was a better way of doing things. I carved my own path in the growing brand of Under Armour in several roles including event management, social media strategy, brand, and sports marketing. I believe my superpower is to build a thoughtful understanding of how to connect with people in an authentic and meaningful way.

In my role as the sports marketing Director for the run category at UA, I lead the global strategy for all things running. I played a pivotal role in transforming awareness for the brand, turning Under Armour run into one of the top-running brands in the industry. As one of the only few female sports marketing reps within the run industry, I strived to knock down barriers by helping other females in their careers, professional development, and life. During my time at UA, I joined the Renegade Collective in 2019 that helped me to create my own brand and story. After Under Armour, I joined the growing brand Super Coffee as the Senior Director of Partnerships + Investor Relations, earning “Best Brand of the Year” in 2021 by BEVNet.

super mentor

Chanel Dokun.

Chanel Dokun has guided many Renegades. She graduated from the Renegade Accelerator in 2018 and is now a Super Mentor at Renegade Global. Chanel has spent time in the corporate world and the world of entrepreneurship with her own practice. She’s an Author, Life Planner, and Relationship Expert who coaches women to get clarity on their life purpose so they can unlock their potential and build a life they love.

In addition to working with clients one-on-one, Chanel is the Co-Founder of Healthy Minds NYC, a thriving group therapy practice in Manhattan. Prior to her work in mental healthcare and coaching, she worked in publishing at Hearst Magazines.

Her first book, Life Starts Now: How to Create the Life You’ve Been Waiting For, releases August 2022. She has been quoted in The New York Times, Real Simple, Essence, and more.


Meet more of the Renegade team.

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In a sea of sameness, we bring humanity to the surface.

We curate groups of like-minded people who are not afraid to invest in their personal and professional growth. We teach the Renegade Mentality, help them develop their personal brand and explain why all of this matters for both entrepreneurs and corporate Renegades.