No one succeeds alone.

We are creating new female investors each week and matching them with Renegade founders who are seeking funding. Renegade Global Ventures is getting more women seats on cap tables. Capitalization tables that is, as in equity. In a few short months, Renegades have invested more than $1.2 million in exclusive deals spanning the funding spectrum from early seed stage to private equity.


3 steps on how we’re backing our own.

Step 1

First, we are democratizing access to deal flow for female investors by offering exclusive investment opportunities they would not typically see or be invited into.

Step 2

Secondly, we allow women to write lower check sizes than the “norm” which builds psychological safety and confidence. Renegades are allergic to the norm, btw. We lower the barrier for entry by offering a lower minimum investment. We do this through SPVs, Special Purpose Vehicles, that are exclusively available to our Renegade members.

Step 3

Third, we provide investment education alongside these real-life scenarios so we are all learning while doing. Together, we’re gaining knowledge and experience while executing real-time. Together, we’re sharing valuable wealth-creating opportunities with one another and we organize around this which creates buying power, volume, frequency and influence.


What to expect with Renegade Ventures.

Where is the money flowing? Our Renegade founders have the opportunity to pitch the Renegade network to receive funding. Individuals can fund, and also as a collective group we decide to fund members together. We also provide exclusive outside investment opportunities to our Renegade members.

“I studied equity investing in business school, but assumed it was reserved for men in Silicon Valley. Thanks to Renegade, I became an equity investor and learned that is not true!”

Jessica Shoemaker (RENEGADE MEMBER)
ESG Policy at Freddie Mac

Are you ready to get a seat on the cap table?

The momentum Renegades are gaining by open-sourcing our investment formula and SHARING deal flow as well as knowledge is powerful. This is a new system. The old way is not working, so we created a new way. The Renegade way—where there’s a seat on the cap table for everyone.

Renegade Investments

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