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Renegade is a powerful hub of female leaders, executives and entrepreneurs who aren’t afraid to make an investment in their personal and professional growth because they know positive disruption is the gateway to growth. A quantum leap for business and life, female leaders receive ongoing education in areas of personal branding, wealth creation, leadership, innovation, and practical lessons in time management. Renegade women are hiring one another, investing in one another, making valuable introductions, sharing invaluable expertise, and kicking doors open left and right for each other in pure Renegade fashion.


Come for the growth. Stay for the people.

Renegade Membership is designed with your impact and revenue in mind. Together, we’re breaking the old ways of doing things and connecting women leaders and entrepreneurs to co-create a community that shares knowledge, funds ideas, and builds common wealth. We are industry agnostic, intentionally. Join the leaders changing the world.


What Renegades are saying.

“One of the biggest wins I’ve had since becoming a Renegade has been finding a voice in places I usually don’t have one. This community has given me the strength and power to not only stand up for myself, but to stand up for my team in really significant ways.”

SVP of Global Brand. Dell Technologies

“The power of actually being vulnerable to create authentic connections across my team has been my biggest takeaway. I am using my voice in ways I haven’t in the past–incorporating Renegade language with my boss and CEO so they are clear on my ambitions and they know how to best support me.”

Vice President Global Contract & Field Marketing at MillerKnoll

“Renegade did something I did not expect when I joined, which is opening the door to become angel investor and access to people who are really making things happen.”

TATI ferreira
SVP Retail Excellence and Operations, Neiman Marcus Group
Under Armor
Freddie Mac
Neiman Marcus
Paramount Network
sound like you?

This membership is for you if...

You're a Renegade woman ready to get your hands dirty.
You are ready to participate in an equal value exchange (you've got to be willing to give and receive).
You are at, or close to, the top of your field and you want to surround yourself with other women in leadership positions.
You want to learn more about executive leadership, time management, innovative thinking, public speaking, and wealth creation.
You are looking to further develop your personal brand.
You want strong connections with women who will open doors, help you expand your thinking, and achieve more than you thought possible.
You want to become an angel investor or have access to deal flow.

This membership is not for you if...

You’re not willing to give to the community.
You're not prepared to make time, dive in and get to work.
You're simply seeking inspiration.
Renegade Ventures

We’re backing our own.

We are creating new female investors each week and matching them with Renegade founders who are seeking funding. Renegade Global Ventures is getting more women seats on cap tables. Capitalization tables that is, as in equity. In a few short months, Renegades have invested more than $1.2 million in exclusive deals spanning the funding spectrum from early seed stage to private equity.


Here’s what you’ll get.

Education sessions and mentor-led peer circles each month among other programming elements and opportunities to connect daily. This is an active community of women who show up to generate results, grow, and learn together, real-time.
Access to a powerful network of senior-level executives and founders who are ready to amplify your growth.
12 months of curated curriculum, guest speakers, access to deal flow and investment opportunities.
Access to an active slack channel where women respond in real-time to deliver the support you need.
Invitations to our annual Renegade Summit and quarterly in-person meetups in several markets.
membership access

Mutual value exchange is in our DNA.

There is nothing hypothetical about the connections, collaboration and access Renegade women deliver for each other. We pride ourselves on going deep fast in order to deliver as much value for each other as possible. Here are just a few examples of the mutual value exchange you can expect when you become a Renegade:

Renegade women rallied around a member who is the founder of a fast-growing metaverse company, investing $250,000 in under 48 hours as part of her first round of funding.

Two Renegade filmmakers collaborated with another Renegade for a kindness video campaign that played on the NASDAQ screen in Times Square.

A Renegade CEO with ties to the White House opened doors for another Renegade to speak at a White House event focused on the state of mental health in our youth.

One Renegade credits business leads from the Renegade network for her 67% growth in Revenue in one year.

A Renegade author helped another Renegade land a book agent.

“As I have gotten to the C-suite, I’ve realized it is very lonely at the top. When I experience a challenge, Renegade women give me instant feedback and support that I trust. I have yet to find an instance where someone has not been able to say ‘yes, I know, here’s how I handled it.’ That’s a game changer.”

danielle daly (renegade member)
Chief Marketing Officer, ConnectiveRx

Monetize your worth. If not now, when?

We’re fueling the way women leaders, make, invest and build wealth.
No problem, let us know and we’ll make it happen.

full payment upfront

(12 month program)

Renegade is an intensive, real-time virtual and live membership for female leaders. Education sessions and mentor-led peer circles each month among other programming elements and opportunities to connect daily. Access to a powerful network of senior-level executives and founders who are ready to amplify your growth.

12 months of curated curriculum, guest speakers, access to deal flow and investment opportunities.

Invitations to our annual Renegade Summit and quarterly in-person meetups in several markets.

Payment plan options
upfront in full
Investment covers the 12 month timeframe.
per month for 3 months
Investment covers the 12 month timeframe.

Amy Jo Martin.

In 2009, my boss called me a Renegade. I was asking for too much forgiveness vs. permission. That was the cue I needed to take the big leap. I left my comfy, corporate job to start my first company. We hit some big strides and generated 7-figure revenue in year two by building some of the world's most iconic brands online like Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Nike, Hilton Worldwide, Shaquille O'Neal, etc.

In the mean time, I built my own presence to a following of more than 1 million and wrote a New York Times best-selling book about my philosophy, processes and case studies. Along the way I learned from some of the most innovative Renegades out there, traveled the world to speak about all of these topics, and now I'm going to teach you everything I've learned.

questions to ask yourself

Ready to make the investment if...

You are ready to elevate your personal brand to open doors to more opportunities.

You are ready to pursue or do more public speaking.

You are ready to learn more about investing and have access to deal flow.

You are at the top of your industry looking to make powerful connections with other female leaders.

You are ready to access to women who will open doors to accelerate your growth.

If one or more of these applies to you, then you are ready to make the change. What are you waiting for?


Questions we often get.

Is this a mastermind?

Sure, you can call it that. You’ll be levelling up with other like-minded and like-hearted Renegades who are masters in their fields with unmatched minds and experience. You will dive right in from the start and we don’t stop. You will build life-long relationships as a Renegade. Our goal is to help you get from idea to action, from dreaming to doing, as quickly as you’d like and continue to accelerate from that point on.

What is the time investment?

Throughout your membership you’ll receive ongoing education sessions with exceptional guest speakers and monthly mentor-led small group sessions in addition to other programming. The monthly education sessions are all recorded, and accessible 24/7 in your Membership Dashboard, so you can watch and re-watch the sessions anytime. There are additional opportunities to engage with Renegade women through virtual happy hours, Renegade pitches (live calls with Renegades seeking funding as an investment opportunity), an active slack channel used for networking and support for your career, life and more. Lastly, you will be invited to attend in-person events in various cities throughout the year.

You’ll also have the option to join the Spring or Fall Renegade Accelerator. During those 6-8 weeks, you will meet with other Renegades as a group each Thursday for 90 minutes. You will have a one-hour small group session each week, led by a Renegade Mentor. We encourage you to dive into the “growth work”, which is time you’ll spend outside of the specific meeting times to put your ideas and learnings into action. Everything we do overlaps with your goals.

What specific topics are covered?

The infrastructure of the membership is equal parts education, collaboration and accountability. Our curriculum is designed to compliment your goals. Topics covered include: Personal branding, executive leadership, innovative thinking, wealth creation and investing, public speaking (from keynotes to Board rooms), negotiation, podcasting, publishing, partnership marketing, content strategy, time management and more. There are no boundaries to what we will cover.

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