Renegade Maverick

We’re seeking an experienced executives, facilitators and coaches.
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What we’re looking for:
Renegade is seeking experienced coaches to help our rapidly expanding corporate and collective communities. A Renegade Maverick helps to guide our fiercely committed, offense-focused founders and senior executives to reach their full potential, unlock deal flow, and achieve success in ways they couldn’t accomplish alone. We create better leaders, better investors, better communities, and better results for our Renegade members. Renegade Mavericks are responsible for guiding their groups through the common and complex challenges we face in our personal and professional lives.

Renegade has established a proven methodology and track record, and we provide our Mavericks with the support and tools they need to facilitate Collective Small Groups and Corporate Engagements. However, we lean on our Mavericks to bring their own experience, training and Zone of Genius to the facilitation of our groups

Who we are:
Renegade is a human innovation company that unlocks positive disruption and economic impact for both individuals and corporations alike - from female corporate executives to female founded companies to Fortune 50 clients.

We teach leaders how to build and leverage their personal brands to go further than they ever thought possible. Through Renegade Global Ventures, we create more female investors by providing education, mentorship and access to both deal flow for investors as well as the flow of capital to founders. We value a “no ego” kind of energy and are fiercely committed to each other’s personal and professional goals.


  • Facilitate Collective Small Groups and/or Corporate Programs
  • Build trust and ensure mutual value exchange during break out sessions to ensure participants are getting the most value out of their time
  • Foster relationships with group members to understand the challenges and opportunities in their personal and professional lives
  • Actively listen and provide reports on break out groups to allow for our community to make introductions and provide support

Who You Are:

  • Experience building and leading high-performing teams and outperforming goals or experienced coach/facilitator who knows how to bring out the best in leaders
  • Independent learner who can impact leaders and wants to help them develop and grow
  • Active and enthusiastic listener, Emotionally Intelligent and Business Minded - An ability to connect dots and go deep fast while practicing empathy for the unique challenges faced by women leaders

Benefits + Perks:

  • Mentorship with other executives and Mavericks while providing valuable insights to the next generation of leaders
  • Competitive pay
  • Education, networking, and business development opportunities

How did this whole “Renegade” thing get started?
Way back in 2008 with Shaquille O’Neal. Video here explains.

To be considered for this position email your resume and cover letter to