Bandwidth Manager, Capacity Expander

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Bandwidth Manager, Capacity Expander to the Founder and CEO
This role is based in Austin, TX. Some travel required.

At Renegade, we have a saying: “Where passion, purpose and skill collide, bliss resides. There’s a sweet spot in that intersection. Our goal is to live there.” - Amy Jo

This role is designed to ensure our Founder and CEO is living in that intersection, her sweet spot as she’s raising a fast-growing company and a 5-year old!

The individual will be responsible for helping Amy Jo (Founder and CEO) expand her capacity (potential) by spending more of her time doing what she is uniquely qualified to do in her zone of genius. In effort to make this happen, this role will need to manage and optimize the Founder/CEO’s bandwidth (24 hours in a day) so she can get the most out of her days/life to unlock more capacity. They will be responsible for helping Amy Jo (Ajo) divest, delete or delegate anything possible to free up bandwidth and expand capacity. This will not only unlock incredible growth for the company altogether but stronger health and joy for Ajo and her family. 

Amy Jo’s Capacity Areas Include 
Professionally: Speaking, writing (books and articles), curriculum/content development, podcast interviewing, high-level/high-stakes meetings, BOD roles and investments.

Personally: Spending quality time with her son, Lincoln. Sleeping, spending time with family, friends, dancing, gardening, adventuring … and more sleeping!

This individual is someone who will learn how to leverage Ajo’s time, network and scale the impact she makes. Someone who can swing both personal and professional when it comes to support. If the candidate is hungry enough to learn the ropes and world we all operate in at Renegade, it would be a front row, active-learning seat and they'd get their PhD in many invaluable skills and experience in no time. Upon success in this role for at least one year, the individual will have potential to explore growing into other areas of the business that interest them and match with their skills. 

This role will have optics into (but not responsible for) what it takes to: run two companies, launch a second book and the Renegade book imprint, operate a top-ranked podcast that's been around for 7-years, manage investing/deal flow, grow a multi-family office, manage a growing speaking business, leverage a social media presence/content, manage corporate enterprise biz dev/leads, etc. And they'll also see and help smooth out the juggle of Founder/CEO’ing and Mom’ing, etc. 

This role will toggle between personal and professional tasks, managing Ajo’s schedule/time to managing her inbound communication flow, gatekeeping, logistics for speaking engagements, liaise with the rest of the amazing team, clients, partners and our community - to helping Ajo with her personal world as well.

From proofreading a portion of the book to booking travel and joining Ajo on the road for some trips to booking dental appointments, helping coordinate gatherings and managing the household. From listening in on a meeting with a fellow Founder/CEO and taking notes for follow-up to shipping signed books. This person will be Ajo’s right hand and they will have a strong hold and handle on her current and future schedule and priorities - both personally and professionally.

(For example: reminder/planning around Lincoln's school days off a few months down the road and planning special experiences with him.)

Characteristics & Qualifications
A healthy obsession around efficiency and structure.
Flexible if/when the structure needs to change - because it will, often.
Strong “Figure it out” muscle”.
Okay with not having 100% of the information to execute and using best judgement. 
Professional presence but has a personality and likes to have fun.
One minute this individual might be interfacing with a corp exec or high-profile person, the next it might be an intern or the lawn maintenance crew.
This person doesn't need a lot of corporate executive exposure experience as long as their presence is appropriate via email, zoom and in person. 
Basic understanding of social media platforms and ability to lend a hand here and there.
Comfortable in fast-paced environments, they're equal parts hug (nurturer) and kick in the a*s (holds my boundaries strong or challenges anything new Ajo wants to add to the calendar, if warranted), excited about growth and opportunity for the company. 
Thick skin and no ego.
Doesn't take things personally but cares a great deal.
Strong desire to be a part of doing something that's never been done before.

We expect this individual to be ready for substantial growth within the company after one-year in this role.

We are open to exploring equity via our ESOP (Equity Stock Option Plan). 

*When the role is secured, one of the first things we will do is sit down as a team and map the big and small landmarks on the 2024 through 2025 calendar together.

It will be important for this person to shadow Ajo and learn as much as possible about the nuances of her day.

    How did this whole “Renegade” thing get started?
    Way back in 2008 with Shaquille O’Neal. Video here explains.

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